Private Tutoring (1 hour)

From: 35.00

Here is the list of the courses taught and the tutor that can help you with them:

Quantitative Methods II (IB)

Quantitative Methods II (ECO)

Perception (FPN)

Statistics 1 (Resit)


Accounting and Financial Reporting (Resit)

Economics and Business (Resit)

Substantive Criminal Law 

Click on the tutor name to see his/her profile. Your booking will be confirmed by an e-mail. It is possible some tutors listed above are fully booked.

We also offer our new Buddy Program, where we put you in contact with one or more students that have a similar level and questions for private tutoring sessions.

If you are interested, just follow this link!

When you book more than 6 hours in privates, you can receive access to the Weekly Meetings slides of your booked course. Simply contact us to make use of this.

Be careful to check if the tutor is teaching the course you want. Check above to see what each tutor can teach.

No suitable timeslots?

No problems! Fill in this form and we will work hard to open a new spot for you!


A private tutoring session with one of Success Formula’s tutors is the perfect chance to clarify your open questions before the exam. In these sessions, unclear concepts and tricky exam questions can be discussed to get an optimal preparation for the exam. These private sessions can be used on short notice in case there are urgent open questions that need to be discussed.

  • This private tutorial is bookable by blocks of one hour. If you are interested in booking by block of two hours, follow this link.
  • You can share your session with up to three other people (35€/h/p for one,  22€/h/p for two, 17€/h/p for three, 14€/h/p for four).
  • Private tutorials can be booked several weeks in advance. We offer a 10% discount if you book at least 10 tutorials at once (10 hours).
  • The sessions are taking place at our location (Grote Gracht 64 – 6211SZ Maastricht).
  • Free drinks are offered during the session.
  • You can cancel the meeting up to 24 hours before the meeting without any cost by sending an email at
  • Satisfied or Reimbursed! In case you are not satisfied after your first meeting, we will refund you.

Booking process

  1. You submit your request thanks to this service page.
  2. We verify the request internally.
  3. You will receive an email confirming or canceling your booking (at this point your booking is confirmed and you will be asked to proceed with the payment).

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