Loyalty Rewards

At Success Formula, we love to reward your loyalty. Therefore, we have created a program just for that! Spend more than a specific threshold and you will automatically get awarded a status that will get you reward(s).

What are the thresholds?

  • Regular Student (no minimal booking):
  • Bronze Student (100€ of booking or more)
  • Silver Student (200€ of booking or more)
  • Gold Student (350€ of booking or more)
  • Diamond Student (600€ of booking or more)
  • Platinum Student (1000€ of booking or more)

Rewards? Yes, many rewards for you!

  • Bronze Student: 5€ coupon for any services
  • Silver Student: Access to the early booking for any of our courses with a reservation period (all Weekly Meetings and non-resit Exam Programs) without the need to purchase a reservation
  • Gold Student: 10€ coupon for any services
  • Diamond Student: Access to the Early Bird price even if you book late + Ability to request an additional slot in any booked-out classes (on a first come first serve basis)
  • Platinum Student: Choice of a branded Success Formula sweater or a 25€ coupon for any services + access to a new loyalty system

A new loyalty system if I am a platinum Student?

That’s correct, for every 250€, you will receive a 10€ coupon!

Do I ever lose my loyalty tier?

No, we are as loyal to you as you are to us 🙂


Send us an email at info-maastricht@successformula.nl