Teaching Method

“Why should I book Success Formula?” is a question we often receive. Our answer is simple, yet we are proud to say we have worked hard to develop a unique teaching method. Explaining what makes Success Formula courses unique gives answer to the former question.

University is amazing, but, sometimes their study requirements are vague and the tasks they ask you to fulfil do not prepare you at the level you would like. In our opinion we see university as a chance for you to learn many things. Nevertheless, in the end many find it difficult to grasp the big picture and struggle with the most important elements. At Success Formula, we create this bridge between what you learn and what is the most important to make you successful at reaching your desired grade.

We make it sound easy on paper. However, next to making sure you understand our session by having an easy to follow presentation style, preparing the material for our sessions is a key task which we spend hours on. The way we see it is that we create a course on a course. Furthermore, year over year we improve our courses based on student’s feedback and University course updates. Since University provides you high quality courses, we also need to meet this standard. Quality is one of our key concerns.

One of our students (Paul) perfectly explained our teaching method in his review of Success Formula:

” … Even if I sometimes struggle with the misty course requirements in class, booking these magicians has turned out to be a guarantee to pass exams. With a nice team, master knowledge, long year UM experience and carefully selected slides they always manage to show me how and most importantly what to study in order to pass the course.”

However, more convincing than words, you should try one of our sessions and see for yourself what we are about. We will be very happy to meet you and work with you. The first ever session you have with Success Formula is satisfied or reimbursed. So, you have nothing to lose by trying us.

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