Weekly meeting group switching request form

    This form is made to help up rescheduling you in case you cannot make it to one meeting. The switch is only for one week.
    Thank you for completing this form, after successful submission we will come back to you with an alternative. All fields are required.

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    Monday 8:30-10:30Monday 11:00-13:00Monday 13:30-15:30Monday 16:00-18:00Monday 18:30-20:30Tuesday 8:30-10:30Tuesday 11:00-13:00Tuesday 13:30-15:30Tuesday 16:00-18:00Tuesday 18:30-20:30Wednesday 8:30-10:30Wednesday 11:00-13:00Wednesday 13:30-15:30Wednesday 16:00-18:00Wednesday 18:30-20:30Thursday 8:30-10:30Thursday 11:00-13:00Thursday 13:30-15:30Thursday 16:00-18:00Thursday 18:30-20:30Friday 8:30-10:30Friday 11:00-13:00Friday 13:30-15:30Friday 16:00-18:00Friday 18:30-20:30Saturday 8:30-10:30Saturday 11:00-13:00Saturday 13:30-15:30Saturday 16:00-18:00Saturday 18:30-20:30Sunday 8:30-10:30Sunday 11:00-13:00Sunday 13:30-15:30Sunday 16:00-18:00Sunday 18:30-20:30