My class is scheduled on an office holiday, will it take place?

All our classes will take place regardless of the date. However, we fully understand you might have made other plans. For this reason, if you cannot make it to your class, simply apply for a switch via, and we will try to reschedule you to a session on a different day. If we can’t provide you an alternative date, you will not be charged for the missed class.

I cannot attend one of my group meetings, can I switch?

Absolutely, send us a request for switch via as soon as possible and we will try to find an alternative for you.

We place great importance on our class sizes. However, should you be unable to attend a session, you can switch this multiple times. You will no longer by charged for making switches within your sessions. Additionally, we only reschedule within our capacity, if all our classes are already full we will not be able to move you around.

I would like to switch my group meeting booking, how should I proceed?

You booked the wrong timeslot or we added one that suits you better? If you would like to switch your booking then follow the procedure below.

  1. Book the new timeslot
    • In case you paid the first timeslot, there is no need to pay the new time slot again. Simply indicate “bank transfer” as the payment option. As soon as we receive your email from step 2, we will mark your order as paid.
  2. Send us an email to informing us you would like to switch

Please bear in mind that if you book a new timeslot with a different price than the initial one, we will still charge you the difference. As an example, if you book the first timeslot under the early bird price and the new one under the regular price, you will be charged the regular price. For more info on the pricing, check out this link.

I booked a program, but I did not receive any slides, is that normal?

It’s totally normal! We do not send the slides. We have a system which allows you to directly download your slides from your account. You can retrieve your slides 24 hours prior to your session (or earlier sometimes) on your account. Keep in mind that the slides will only be available if your booking was paid.

In case you paid your order, but cannot retrieve your slides on your account page, simply write us at and we will find a solution together.

I did not receive a booking confirmation email, is something wrong?

  1. First check if your booking was processed correctly by going on If your order is on the page, your booking was correctly made. If not, please re-book it
  2. Check your spam folder or your mailbox, we try to optimize our emails for spam, but sadly it still happens sometimes. If the email is not in your spam box, verify that you gave us your correct email address (
  3. If the booking was correctly made and your email is correct, please write us at and indicate your order number in the email