Nicolas Grand



  • B.Sc. Economics and Business Economics, 3rd year


  • English
  • French

Little words from him

Hey! My name is Nicolas, I’m a third-year EBE student with a specialization in Economics. I’m French, I grew up in Paris but I did my high school in Brussels.

I’m a tutor for QM1 and Accounting. I like to do and teach Quantitative Methods and especially Math. I always try to take it slow and make students or my friends understand complex subjects. Despite having little experience at Success Formula, I have tried to help my friends since arriving at Maastricht when I was asked. I use instinctive methods and give simple tips and hacks to prepare for an exam (time management, shortcuts) while making sure the fundamentals are well-understood. This method could therefore be useful if you want to pass your exam or if you’re willing to achieve academic success and aim for higher grades!

If you want to passe the next exams and/or if you have any difficulties on specific parts don’t hesitate to book a class!