Kai Fraussen


B.Sc. International Business, 2nd year (GPA 8.8)

Professional Experience

Work experience in Inside Sales at Office Depot, Leicester, UK.

Tutoring Experience

Private tutoring during the 1st year (Maastricht University).


French (native)
German (native)
English (fluent)

Little words from him

During the first year of University, I recognized that it was easy for me to explain different concepts to fellow students. Further, I recognized that most students understand the concepts but that they miss the little cues in order to get the big picture. Therefore, I try to concentrate on those things that will make you pass your exams! I joined SuccessFormula in order to reach more students and I hope that I will see you in one of my tutorials!
Little info about me, I love fries and waffles (Belgian roots), play golf and like to cook.