Julie Engelen


B.Sc. International Business with major in strategy [Honours student] (GPA 8.44)

Professional experience

Intern at Joint Research Centre (Italy)
Consultant at Maastricht Student Consulting (MSC)


Dutch (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)

Little words from her

As a kid, I loved helping my brothers out when they were struggling with their homework. Later, in highschool, when taking high level mathematics, I realised that often my peers were more capable of helping me to tackle my issues with the course content, rather than the teacher. I see tutoring as a form of “sharing is caring”, where students help each other out in areas in which they excel and give you that little extra push you need to succeed. My goal as a tutor, is to make the material as easy as possible to understand for you, in a no-stress atmosphere where interactivity is key.