Carl Becker


B.Sc. Psychology Maastricht University, 3rd Year

Tutoring experience

Social Behaviour
Methods and Techniques
Statistics for Psychologists I
Learning and Memory

Professional experience

Internship at Maastricht University, Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
Student Abassador at Maastricht University, Promo-Team
Student Assistent at Maastricht University, Center of European Studies


German (native)
English (fluent)
Dutch (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)

Little words from him

“Why?” – “Because we can.”

The question why we do what we do is as fundamental and important as it gets. So, why do we learn all this stuff? I invite everyone to think about this question for a second and to find out, why are you doing it. Your reasons can be simple.
I just want to pass the up coming exam.” or “Because I can.”. If you think longer, maybe you find out that your reasons are coming from a place deeper like “It gets me one step closer to the job I want to work in.” or “I love this little buzz when I learned something new and know how to use it.“. Whatever the reasons are you discover, simply reminding yourself of them, will give you the energy and drive to do all the things necessary to reach your goals.
I’d like to help you reaching your goals, because ultimately that is what I like doing most in my life.