Our Story

In November 2011, three friends joined forces offering private tutorials next to their studies. Totally fed up by the unprofessional and unorganized nature of the current tutoring market, they created a one-stop place where students could be confident to get high quality tutoring. The concept proved successful, but, at the end of their studies, the friends decided to each go their separate ways.

Thomas Leruth was still convinced and passionate about the idea. Therefore, after his master study (2014) he decided to give new life to the project by partnering with Malte Kalsbach (Thomas and Malte were at that time the most active private tutors in Maastricht). This partnership is now known as Success Formula.

The academic year 2014-2015, which was the first year of Success Formula as a company, was an immense success. The team, initially 2 people, increased to around ten tutors which enabled to help approximately 600 students (from an initial 50). This growth encourages the partners to work even harder in order to help more students in a professional and organized manner. For this reason, Success Formula will strive to offer additional services and work harder to perfect their current work and way of teaching. All in all, we aim at providing the highest quality tutoring possible to students in Maastricht.