Recorded Programs for Economics and Business (Resit)


This purchase gives you access to our Recorded Exam Training and/or Recorded Weekly Meetings and a place to ask questions. Moreover, you will also get full access to all of our slides for the course.


First Recorded Weekly Release: Week 1 Sunday
Last Recorded Weekly Release: Week 6 Sunday


The Recorded Weekly Package consists of 6 Recorded Weekly Meetings for the course Economics and Business to get a headstart for the upcoming course. Our tutor will walk you through the course in an intuitive manner and you will review the most relevant exam concepts. Moreover, any unclear questions about the slides or related content can be asked below each video and our tutors will answer them on a regular basis.

The Recorded Exam Training for Economics and Business is a recorded program during which our tutor goes through brand new questions made for you. Our tutor will explain the solution and give you tips. We crafted the questions in a way that we believe is similar to the exam. The questions are ordered by Weekly Meetings topic so it is easier for you to review the material if you want to. We strongly believe this program is the perfect complement to the Recorded Weekly Meetings. As always, you can watch the recordings unlimitedly for a period of 6 months.

You can either purchase the Recorded Exam Training only or have a package with the Recorded Weekly Meetings so that you also have all the material explained.


  1. By purchasing this product, you will also be able to download the program slides via your Success Formula account (once the order is paid).
  2. Our tutors will regularly check for questions under the Recordings of either category.
  3. This session is covered under our satisfied or reimbursed policy.

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