Success formula is a really helpful tool. If you need to have a global vision of the subject and exam questions you won’t be disappointed.


I took the Success Formula Accounting session and this helped me a lot in understanding the “big picture” of the course. It doesn’t matter if you understand very well or don’t have any clue of what you are doing because it will help you in either way. Indeed, you learn new memo techniques and relevant exam questions in a nice atmosphere. I will definitely try their exam training for Accounting as well. Practicing exam-like questions will probably be the perfect way to prepare for the exam.


I got in contact with Success Formula for the first time during my second period in my first year ( course economics). I booked the group session offer and honestly I felt very skeptical in the beginning, getting tutored with 5 other students. However, It turned out to be awesome!!! While most of my fellow students were really struggling to capture the economic concepts, which are indeed sometimes not very straight forward, I learned them like they were nothing. This learning process was due to Successful Formulas highly competent tutors and the enjoyable working environment, the staff team is creating in their classrooms. Beside an extraordinary grade in the end wink emoticon I did not feel stressed during the block compared to my first period. So if you are aiming for above average grades while having a nice social/uni balance, not feeling stressed by those difficult tasks, Success Formula is the best investment you can do! Trust me on that. Personally I continued booking their programs, which were always worth the money.


Success Formula helped me in all courses a lot!! Through their weekly sessions I’ve never been lost in a course and my economic interest has been enhanced even further. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere makes it easy to study and even arouse my interest in boring courses. Choosing Success Formula is the best choice I’ve made!!!


As a student in Maastricht Success Formula is THE place to be. Whether at private sessions or group meetings – when you leave the front door of Success Formula after you took a session, you feel like someone tidied up your brain. It is the mix of Success Formulas absolute professional skilled tutors and the caring, familiar and casual atmosphere which makes studying with them so unique and value creating. To keep up with the content during the different weeks I highly recommend the weekly group meetings which help you to always be up-to-date and not being overwhelmed when exams are coming closer. But when you really have troubles with a specific course private sessions are the way to go. You and your tutor will schedule a study plan and make everything work. I am very thankful to Malte and Thomas who even answered open questions during the week via Facebook or Email at every point in time. Sessions at Success Formula are an unique experience and I would absolutely recommend them if you have any worries or issues with your studies.


After almost a year of joining Success Formula weekly meetings and emergency tutorials I finally want to thank you for your efforts and high level of commitment to us Maastricht students. Even if I sometimes struggle with the misty course requirements in class, booking these magicians has turned out to be a guarantee to pass exams. With a nice team, master knowledge, long year UM experience and carefully selected slides they always manage to show me how and most importantly what to study in order to pass the course. Hint for anyone who is interested: Book early !


I am a big fan of Success Formula. They have helped me a lot throughout the last periods in not only passing the exams but also in aiming at higher grades. In the beginning, I was quite “scared” of QM2 but Success Formula showed me that you can do really good without having to be a genius in Maths and Statistics. That was a great experience. They also not only focus on the relevant materials for the courses but also prepare you for the upcoming exams in the best imaginable way. Therefore, I can highly recommend Success Formula.


Succes formula is the best investment I made during the last year! It did not only help me for my academic work but also increased my interest in economic issues! They are the best tutors imaginable and the tutorials as well as exhausting nights in the alla are great success with Success Formula! I would suggest to rather invest in Success ormula than in university books


SuccessFormula helped me a lot in several courses already and I hope this will continue for the next period. For me the most important thing is to pass the exams and this worked out quite well until now. The program is always designed to understand the topics but more importantly to know how to solve exam questions the best way, which usually differ to some extent to the content of a course. The tutoring has always been professional but still in a very friendly environment. The powerpoint slides which are provided also extremely helped studying the content as it is always condensed down to the most important things and easy to understand.


Success Formula is a really a very good concept perfectly adapted to the system of studies that we have here at Maastricht University. I enjoyed all the tutorials that I took there. The tutors are motivated and always happy to help you. The way how they approach the classes made me understand its better. I recommend it to any student. It may be the key of your success! I hope they will continue on this way!