I got in contact with Success Formula for the first time during my second period in my first year ( course economics). I booked the group session offer and honestly I felt very skeptical in the beginning, getting tutored with 5 other students. However, It turned out to be awesome!!! While most of my fellow students were really struggling to capture the economic concepts, which are indeed sometimes not very straight forward, I learned them like they were nothing. This learning process was due to Successful Formulas highly competent tutors and the enjoyable working environment, the staff team is creating in their classrooms. Beside an extraordinary grade in the end wink emoticon I did not feel stressed during the block compared to my first period. So if you are aiming for above average grades while having a nice social/uni balance, not feeling stressed by those difficult tasks, Success Formula is the best investment you can do! Trust me on that. Personally I continued booking their programs, which were always worth the money.