As a student in Maastricht Success Formula is THE place to be. Whether at private sessions or group meetings – when you leave the front door of Success Formula after you took a session, you feel like someone tidied up your brain. It is the mix of Success Formulas absolute professional skilled tutors and the caring, familiar and casual atmosphere which makes studying with them so unique and value creating. To keep up with the content during the different weeks I highly recommend the weekly group meetings which help you to always be up-to-date and not being overwhelmed when exams are coming closer. But when you really have troubles with a specific course private sessions are the way to go. You and your tutor will schedule a study plan and make everything work. I am very thankful to Malte and Thomas who even answered open questions during the week via Facebook or Email at every point in time. Sessions at Success Formula are an unique experience and I would absolutely recommend them if you have any worries or issues with your studies.