Niclas Binte


B.Sc. International Business, 3nd year (GPA 8.7)

Tutoring experience

Quantitative Methods I (at Success Formula)

Quantitative Methods II(at Success Formula)

Finance (at Success Formula)

Accounting (at Success Formula)

Business and Economics (at Success Formula)

Finance and Accounting (at Success Formula)
German (at Abacus Tuition Institute)
Financial Accounting (at Abacus Tuition Institute)
Business Operations (at Abacus Tuition Institute)
Business Law (at Abacus Tuition Institute)
English (at Abacus Tuition Institute)
Mathematics (at Abacus Tuition Institute)

Professional experience

Internship in the firm valuation and bankruptcy handling department at ADWIN Consulting GmbH
Internship in the sales and handling department at Lufthansa Cargo AG
Internship in the private banking department at Deutsche Bank AG
Internship in the commercial sequencing department at RTL Media Group


German (Native)
English (Fluent)

Little words from him

Albert Einstein once said “Any fool can know – The point is to understand”. Many students can learn stuff by heart, but the understanding of what they are doing often misses out. This crucial point, is in my opinion, the main difference between students who are able to transfer the academic content into real life situations and hence use it in their future work life and those who wont. In the broadest sense I want my students to understand why certain patterns are as they are and nevertheless to pass all exams with knowledge that can be used in their future life as well in order to become a well educated individual in the highly competitive business environment.