Max Bayer


B.Sc. International Business, 2nd Year (GPA 8.7)

Tutoring experience

Quantitative Methods I (at Maastricht University)


German (native)
English (fluent)

Little word from him

In Germany it was somewhat common to have Latin classes at high school and as you can imagine everyone hated them. However, before I graduated to high school my dad subtly tricked me into liking this subject to the degree that I could convince friends to choose Latin classes, too. In his generation Latin was taught way more extensively, so he could tell me about history and show me the value of this kind of education. This little experience taught me two things: first, even ‘stupid’ subjects that everyone hates can be valuable if one adds a little perspective. Second, good education is not so much about individual talent but rather about excitement and methods to deal with frustration.