Luca Bongiorno


B.Sc. Economics and Business Economic, 2nd year (GPA 8.4)

Professional Experience

Sales and customer support at Nespresso (Belgium).


French (Native)
English (Fluent)

Little words from him

I really enjoy helping others in general, and when I noticed that I could explain some concepts to my friends here at Maastricht University, I realized that I should devote myself to tutoring. The good thing at Success Formula is that I can now help other students professionally but especially in a very relax atmosphere. I am eager to share my experience and every study tips I have with you! I especially like quantitative courses such as Finance where the difficulty is not studying by heart but instead getting a clear picture of the topic. I hope to have you in class and help you get that clear picture of the materials. My goal at Success Formula is to hear from all students in my tutorials that they passed their exam successfully!