Giorgio Chachanidze


B.Sc. International Business, 3rd year (GPA 8.5)

Tutoring Experience

Teaching English in different schools in Peru
Karate assistant

Professional Experience

Intern at Empowered by Benefits, Basel, Switzerland
Intern in the Key Accounting and Marketing Department, SPAX International, Ennepetal, Germany


German (native)
Russian (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)

Little words from him

I have always enjoyed explaining concepts that I fully understood to my friends and fellow students. I find it to be a fun and fulfilling experience. I first began teaching karate, and have now moved on to more academic areas. As your tutor, I want to not only help you pass your exams and improve your grades, but also bring the information across in an interesting way. I look forward to meeting you in class, and on working through any problems you may have. See you soon!