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First Meeting: week 2 (07/11/2022 – 13/11/2022)
Last Meeting: week 7 (12/12/2022 – 18/12/2022)

This package consists of 6 weekly meetings starting in week 2 and ending in week 7 for Python for Data Analytics in order to get you introduced to Phython. In an interactive manner, you will review the most relevant concepts. The group size ranges from 4 to 7 people. Our course Python for Data Analytics gives students the opportunity to dive into the world of data science. We will start off with the basic principles of programming in one of the most popular data science languages called python. Then we will let the modelling cycle guide us through data collection, model selection and evaluation of four different case studies. Along the way we will see how common python packages are used which will equip us with the ability to tackle data science quests beyond this course. The structure of the weekly meetings is as follows:

  1. Basic Programming Principles of object oriented programming are key to read and write python. We will see how classes, functions and attributes allow us to represent a restaurant, its dishes and its customers on a computer
  2. Watching movies is a great past time activity but finding the right movie can be hard. This is why we will take a movie collection and learn how to filter, accumulate and integrate its tables. We will then build a function that recommends the top 10 movies for a given genre.
  3. Predicting stocks is a cool ability and automating that process is even cooler. We will learn how to scrape stock data from the internet and how to plot its time series. We will use a mathematical model to predict the stock price of tomorrow.
  4. Social networks are all around us but who are the good players who are the bad players ? We will download discussions from the popular social network Reddit and write code to extract their users and the relations among them. We will also use a sentiment classifier that tells us which users spread good vibes and which ones spread bad vibes.
  5. Dance battles are fun. Obviously, you want to know how much time you have with your current dance partner before the next one arrives. We use a probability model that tells us the most likely arrival time of our next dance partner. To top it off we will also construct a confidence interval around that estimate to see how much the estimate fluctuates across dance battles.
  6. To consolidate the knowledge gained throughout the past 5 classes we will close off with a review session. It will provide exercises for the core concepts of each topic. We also allow you to ask some burning questions before the class ends and you are officially released into the world of data science.


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