Reservation for Exam Training for Quantitative Methods II


This is not an actual program, you will have to book your desired timeslot later (we will contact you)

See the Service/Product Description below to understand how this reservation works and the common questions and answers about it.


This reservation is for an Exam Training for Quantitative Methods II for Block 4 of Year 2019/2020.
For this course we will have two Exam Trainings (one for Maths and one for Stats)

How does it work?
1) You purchase this reservation and get an exclusive reservation code. It will also appear on your checkout page once you book your actual seat.
2) 48 hours prior to the release of the program, you will receive a notification from us inviting you to book your program. Only the people having a reservation and Silver student will have access to this program at that point.
3) 48 hours later, the program will be released to anybody else.
Starting with the Academic year 19/20, the reservation is valid disregarding the pricing phase we are in (e.g., even if you book late you will not pay more)

Common questions
– Why should I be interested in this reservation?
1) You will have access to all the timeslots before anybody else
2) You will be notified by us (via email) when we open our programs, no need to constantly look our website up
3) Never pay more than the early bird pricing
4) Any reservation package with an Exam Training is cheaper than individually

– What is a reservation good for?
1) A Weekly Meeting reservation is valid for a Weekly Meeting Program
2) A Crash Course reservation is valid for a Crash Course Program
3) An Exam Training reservation is valid for an Exam Training Program

– I did not manage to book the program on time, did I lose the money spent on the reservation?
Absolutely not! The reservations have not expiration in time. Additionally, if we see you did not use your reservation within 3 months, we will send you by email a friendly reminder of its existence.

– Can I pay for this reservation later?
Unfortunately, no. You have to directly pay this reservation. However, do not worry, we have many methods of payment.

– Can I purchase multiple reservations?
Absolutely, it can be useful if you would like to book several services (for e.g. 2 crash courses for different courses).

– The program I want to prebook is not in the list anymore, why is that?
It can be for three reasons:
A) We are sold out
B) We are in the 48 hours booking period of the program
C) The program is directly bookable

Should you book a reservation but not find a suitable time slot in our allocation, contact us and we will refund you entirely for your purchase!