Mock Exam for MOPD



This program is a mock training for MOPD lasting two hours. The Mock Exams are full, timed, and marked exams arranged to give you a feel of the real exam and help you familiarise yourself with the examination interface and the question setup.
Prior to starting your mock exam, you will be provided with the instructions and any possible information you need to know for the simulation. After you complete your mock exam, you will receive a test report with your answers. Moreover, you will get a full explanation for each exam question and you can download the test report upon finishing the Mock Exam on our website.
The Mock Exam also introduces a new reward system, depending on your performance in the Mock Exam, you might get a coupon for future services
Pass (5.5): 10% Coupon
Grade 6: 20% Coupon
Grade 6.5: 25% Coupon
Grade 7: 30% Coupon
Grade 7.5: 35% Coupon
Grade 8: 40% Coupon
Grade 8.5: 45% Coupon
Grade 9: 50% Coupon
Grade 9.5: 75% Coupon
Grade 10: 100% Coupon
The coupon value is a percentage of the full program cost and can also be transferred to friends.
  • Key benefits of taking our Mock Exams:
  • Practice before the final exam
  • Focus study efforts on the areas needed
  • Familiarise with the exam environment
  • Tackle exam-anxiety
  • Enhance time-management skills
  • Build mental stamina
  • Get rewarded for a great performance
The exam takes place at our building at Grote Gracht 64, 6211 SZ Maastricht.
Note regarding fee payment: due to the large scale of this event, we only accept online payments for booking this program.

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Wednesday 12/06