Reservation for Period 4 courses

Book your reservation for our Period 4 courses now, and benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Secure yourself the lowest price for our classes. By having a reservation, you will always book our classes at the early bird price. No matter when you book!
  2. You can book your classes 48h prior to everyone else. That way you can make sure to book your favourite time slot!
  3. In case you do not use the reservation in Period 4, you can also use it at a later point! And in case you decide not to use it all, we will refund you the full amount. We will even send you a message in case you are not using it. 🙂 

Reservations are available for the following courses:

  • Quantitative Methods II (IB + EBE)
  • Macroeconomics
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting (Resit)
  • Economics & Business (Resit)