Private Tutoring Buddy Program

Bildergebnis für buddy"

One thing that is new this semester is our private tutoring buddy program!
You are wondering what the hell it is?!
So, let us explain it to you:
You can use this form to give us some information about you, and we will try to find you a matching study buddy for your private tutorial!

Why do we think getting a buddy for your private tutoring classes is beneficial?

  1. Learning together is not only more fun, it is also shown to be more effective. You can explain concepts to each other and also benefit from your buddy’s questions (and vice versa).
  2. You can share the costs of the private tutoring session! Meaning the classes will become way more affordable. Instead of paying 32.50€ for 1 hour if you are by yourself, you only pay 20€ p.P. for 1 hour if you are 2 students (16€ p.P. for 1 h if you are with three students and only 13€ p.P. for 1 hour with four students).

If you want to know more about how it works, click the link here!