New semester about to start

Today marks the first day of the second semester! From our experience, this semester is the more “enjoyable/student-friendly” one: more breaks in between (think about Carnival, King’s Day, all the holidays in May/June), the days get longer again and Maastricht will reveal its true charm during the upcoming Spring and Summer days!
So, as students that have been around in Maastricht for a long time, let us tell you: enjoy the upcoming semester! It is easy to get carried away in all the university work and stress – so don’t forget to also spend some time away from your desk and books!

Bildergebnis für maastricht"

We are also kicking off the semester in style: The entire Success Formula team will go and visit a Room Escape on Wednesday. So wish us luck that we will get out, otherwise we do not have any tutors to teach the classes! Afterwards, we will enjoy some Pizza and enjoy being back in Maastricht! 🙂