Exam Preparation Courses on Offer

As always, time flies and we are already in Week 5 of the first block. That means that, unfortunately, exams are also approaching quickly. We have different classes on offer, so if you are looking for some additional help, check out our offerings: http://bit.ly/examsperiod119

In general, we have two different exam programs:

1. Crash Course: this is a four-hour program, in which we recap the most important theories and concepts that you will need for the exam. 

2. Exam Training: this is a two-hour lecture-based class, which is intended for you to test your knowledge after you have studied the theory. You will have the chance to answer exam-like questions, before your tutor will walk you through the solution.

We offer exam preparation classes for the following courses:
– Quantitative Methods I

– Managerial Finance & Accounting

– Finance & Accounting

– Accounting for Managerial Decision-Making

– Methods & Techniques (FPN)

– Introduction to Law (FDR)