🎉 QM1 + QM2 = QM3?🎉

To ensure that you nail the skills course, we already opened our timeslots for BLOCK 3!

The skills training for Quantitative Methods 3 is an extensive review of the course lasting three hours. This skills training focuses on the most relevant theory needed for the exam exemplified with some exam like questions. We believe it is the perfect way for you to grasp the relevant ideas and know exactly what is expected from you during the exam. Prior to the session, you will receive a handout of the content discussed in the skills training. The group size ranges from 5 to 7 people. With such a group size, we know we are able to follow you individually if needed.

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🚀We NEED your Support!🚀

We are looking for a student to help us with handling the increasing amount of student requests we get on multiple platforms. Additionally, the student would be responsible to look out for the good standing of our school by regularly checking if the school is fully supplied (pens, papers, etc..), as well as arranging its cleaning time with our cleaner when needed.

Are you interested? Or do you know anyone?
Then refer them to us and earn up to 100 Euros!
More information about the job can be found here.

🚀What do you want???🚀

We are always trying to improve and offer new services and courses for you!

After various requests for an Excel introductory course, we are currently working on a complete online course for you! We will keep you posted about the progress and final release!

However, we always want to hear your opinion, is there anything else that you would like to see? Please let us know via the small survey below!


🔛 Ready for the new SF Originals? 🔛

You want to recap your university tutorial or the content in one of our classes?

⚠️⚠️Worry no more and tune in! If you book one of our Regular Weekly Meetings, you will get access to the Recorded Weekly Meetings for FREE⚠️⚠️

In our weekly recordings, you follow the course with one of our tutors. Moreover, if there are any questions or remarks, we enabled a discussion section under each video, where you can post questions that will be answered on a regular basis.

If that sounds like something for you, book now!

‼️Big M and Linear Programming‼️

You enjoyed these topics and specifically MOPD in your second year? Then you are at the right place!

Or differently, you hated linear programming, but you have a friend that is excellent at explaining those difficult concepts, then refer him now and earn up to 100 Euros!

We are still searching for MOPD tutors for period 5!
More information about the job can be found here.

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