Ambassador Program

Starting this academic year, we have a new position as part of our team: the program ambassador!

As ambassador you would help us in promoting Success Formula and our services. Hence, we are looking for students with a strong social circle, and with access to a large network of students to spread information and promote our classes. 

If this sounds like a position for you, you can read more about the position and apply via this link:

Exam Preparation Courses on Offer

As always, time flies and we are already in Week 5 of the first block. That means that, unfortunately, exams are also approaching quickly. We have different classes on offer, so if you are looking for some additional help, check out our offerings:

In general, we have two different exam programs:

1. Crash Course: this is a four-hour program, in which we recap the most important theories and concepts that you will need for the exam. 

2. Exam Training: this is a two-hour lecture-based class, which is intended for you to test your knowledge after you have studied the theory. You will have the chance to answer exam-like questions, before your tutor will walk you through the solution.

We offer exam preparation classes for the following courses:
– Quantitative Methods I

– Managerial Finance & Accounting

– Finance & Accounting

– Accounting for Managerial Decision-Making

– Methods & Techniques (FPN)

– Introduction to Law (FDR)

5 Years of Success Formula

We also had a big reason to celebrate this block: Success Formula turned 5!

As it was our students that made this possible, we wanted to celebrate with you and organized a small giveaway in the form of an estimation game. The question was simple: How many hours did we teach at Success Formula over the last five years? 

The correct answer was 21410 h. Or said differently 892 days or 2.44 years. In those hours, we have helped more than 4200 students. We are happy and proud to have helped so many students and to have seen Success Formula grow. We will continue to work hard to help even more students. We are looking forward to the next 5 years (and many more to come!)

Start of the Academic Year 19/20

The first month of the new academic year has passed, so here comes a quick recap of the first weeks at Success Formula: 

As per usual, we kicked off the period in style and organized a fun team event. We went to play paintball – what better way to bond as a team than to have the chance to shoot your colleagues?! But no worries, no one was harmed in the process and we still enjoyed a nice dinner together afterwards. 

Our current team consists of 27 people – this is our biggest team to date and a sign of constant growth (some people are missing on the picture).

Speaking of growth, we were also off to a great start in terms of student numbers! By now, we have already exceeded our student numbers in QM1 by 36%, compared to last year. This is great and we are thankful for your trust! We hope we are able to help you pass your courses successfully and hope you enjoy the Success Formula classes as much as we do.