๐Ÿš€New Year, New SF!๐Ÿš€

Hi Everyone, we hope you enjoyed your well-deserved break and we are looking forward to welcoming you back in Maastricht soon! We again want to thank you for all the trust you put in us!

We implemented quite some changes over the year and we wanted to keep you in the loop. It is quite a lot so sit down and enjoy the read!

We are now going towards our 10th year and always had TWO things in mind! Helping as many students as possible and fairly compensating our tutors at the same time! Over these 10 years, we have constantly implemented your feedback, increased the compensation for the tutors and tried to create a homey and enjoyable atmosphere at our school while keeping the highest quality for you!

As things have gotten more expensive (our running expenses, tutor salary and such) and we decided against further increasing the size of our classes to keep the quality and learning atmosphere in our classes, we unfortunately had to increase the prices of our classes. But fear not, this is not a result of a corporate takeover by money-hungry elderlies (looking at you Florian and Thomas), it isโ€ฆ. drumroolllllll, all for our amazing tutors!

Not only will we allocate the increase to the salary of our tutors, but we also made sure that you can still book at almost the same prices as before, if you decided to book early. You may ask yourself: What does that mean?โ€ฆ We have increased the Early Bird Discount to 30% and by simply booking early, you can still benefit from the cheapest prices for the exact same classes!

As for our other changes, we listened to your feedback and will further pursue our Q&A groups as there was an overwhelmingly positive feedback on the helpfulness of this addition. Following your feedback we will try one period and move it to Discord instead of WhatsApp. Moreover, we have more projects coming up and if you are interested, simply click here!

So, there you have it โ€“ we hope to see you in our classes soon and wish you a great start into this year! Thanks for being part of this journey, and here’s to hoping our tutors enjoy their newfound riches in caffeine and burritos and we can continue to still help as many students as possible to pass their exams and studies!

If you have any comments or remarks, please just let us now either via mail, WhatsApp or in person at our school!